Which Camera should I Choose? (Part 2)

So, let’s continue with our quest of picking out the right digital camera, okay?

You went to the store, you picked up the camera, held it in your hands and you liked the feel. Have you checked out what others are saying about the camera.

How are the reviews?

One of the problems I’ve found with buying cameras, is I have a brand I’m particularly loyal to. The lenses of my previous cameras are still compatible with the newer products on the line. But these cameras they’re releasing haven’t hit the market yet.

There is an alternative, and you should try it whether the camera you have is out or not. Google the specific camera you are looking at, but look for web pages based on comparisons of similar models.

These cameras are also pre-released to a lucky select few, and they get to take them out and run them through the paces. Sometimes this will include a short piece on Youtube of the testing conditions, (someone’s neighborhood at night for low light photography, the track for High-speed pics, etc.), with examples of the images captured. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? “Hey Marge, I caught one, you know, one of them thar picture thangs.”
For example, Steve was asking about the Sony A55 D-SLR, it looks like an amazing camera according to the specifications chart.

One of the places I like to go, where they run the camera through all of its paces is Digital Photgraphy Magazine, out of the UK. Their take on the A-55 is here. I’ve linked to the conclusion page, because I’m a dessert before dinner kind of a guy.


One of the nice things is they also allow for comparisons on theer review page, you can turn the side-by-side comparisons on or off.

As much as I like the folks at DP, though. I hardly ever rely on any single review of a product. I’ll compare similar pages of technical stuff and hands on reviews for a more averaged view of the camera.

Hope some of this helped.


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  1. DeWayne..Hey, I’m a dessert before dinner person,too! Life is short, ya know?
    I have become a BIG fan of reading reviews before I buy anything. And as you point out, not just one review, but several.It has stopped me from buyers remorse on several occasions.
    Because I have become such a fan of reading them, I have been a little more faithful in writing them as well.
    Sonya Lenzo

  2. Hi Dewayne,

    Oh yes! Thank you for the excellent reminder tip to go read the reviews of cameras! I don’t always think to go do that for certain purchases. Certainly with purchasing a camera that would be extremely important to learn about what is expressed in the reviews from other users and from professional photographers (experts) like yourself.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

  3. I agree…in the past I have found YouTube to be a great resource for reviews on products.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II

  4. Thank’s for bringing this up, I never thought about going to YouTube to watch a test-run review.


  5. Great tip. What do you think of resources like consumer reports?
    I agree, you tend to get loyal to one brand or type (in so many different situations) and then it’s hard to be objective.

    Jen Battaglino
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  6. Great tips Dewayne! I always use reviews for any major purchases, they’re very helpful in assisting me to come to a conclusion, but ultimately it’s exactly as you said previously – does it feel right for you!

  7. Dewayne, your insight on how to buy a camera is great, I appreciate the time you took to explain all of this.
    Scott Sylvan Bell

  8. Good articles . Don’t agree with dessert before the main meal though . Also hate to be served coffee before my main meal . I like to research on-line . I also research music via youtube.

  9. One upside to camera loyalty is familiarity in software for working with images. I imagine if you are good at it, it may not matter but this has kept me with Canon for awhile…

  10. Naomi Bettencourt

    Thanks, Dewayne. I was wondering after the lasts post what your take was on various reviews, glad to see you addressing that here.

    Stay Cool!
    Naomi Bettencourt
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  11. I would like to buy a new camera in the coming months, so I will follow your advice of reading several reviews and, of course, follow your blog for tips and recommendations!

  12. Rachel Robinson

    I agree that reviews are crucial…especially for a new camera. Youtube is a great tip on where to look for a review, I’m going to have to try that.
    Leadership Is A Choice

  13. Great tips and thank you for the helpful links.

  14. What a great idea…That is one of the places I am going to start when I begin to look again…and of course your blog…

    Sales Expert for Small Business Owners

  15. Great post Dewayne,

    Of course when it comes to camera’s you sometimes have to go through a minefield of information. How can you tell what’s objective, and what’s not.
    You have given me a lot of food for thought, but I do know that knowing some basic photography tips means that even if you have a point and shoot camera you can still take better pics that someone how has say a digital rebel camera, especially if you know what you’re doing.


    Chika Nwoko

  16. Dewayne,

    Thanks for the link to the review. I always like to get a technical review or two and then browse through the reviews on Amazon, which I find to be both helpful and confusing. I guess it comes down to the features that are important to me.

    Steve C

  17. Great tip on checking YouTube to see what might be there as a review.
    I’d have never even thought of that.