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Digital Photography: Bugout Complete

Hey, wanna see some cool video?  Click this link. http://www.krqe.com/dpp/weather/wildfires/los-alamos-under-mandatory-evacuation It’s Channel 13’s KRQE news video of the fire.  I’ve grabbed a hotel in Santa Fe for a couple nights to see what’s going to come of the fire. The … Continue reading

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Digital Photography: No time like the Night time…

Okay, so you want to try something different with your photography?  Get ready for some fun. When was the last time you skipped curfew for just a little you time?  Not worrying about work in the morning, not worrying about … Continue reading

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Lightning, Camera, Action…

With the newly arrived summer, my favorite outdoors time of year begins. Living in the mountains, the stunning vistas and nature’s endless variety never fail to impress. I guess the most impressive of these displays is the summertime evening thunder/lightning storms… Continue reading

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Making your mark, (Step two…)

Okay, so you’ve done your homework, you understand that you’re free to make your mark on your image for marketing, what next? Go to your favorite photo-editing program… Continue reading

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