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Digital Photography New Year’s Resolution

“A New Year’s Resolution… But wait, we’re only in June, it’s a little too late or a little too early, don’t you think?” Well, that’s a good question avid photography reader, but the resolution I’m referring to is “a horse … Continue reading

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John Wayne Quote

“Courage is being scared to death, then saddling up anyway.” Brought to you in honor of the sacrifices of the brave men and women remembered during ANZAC Day.  If you need to know more about ANZAC Day, click here. http://johncmoulder.com/ … Continue reading

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My favorite memory system

One of the best memory systems I’ve encountered in a long time can be outlined in the book, “Mind Performance Hacks”, written by Ron Hale Evans and published by O’Reilly Press.  The system is called the Dominic System and was invented by … Continue reading

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