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 Two quick items:   The camera sensor is very similar to the human eye.  If you should not look at the sun for very long to prevent burning out your retina, you also should use extreme caution when taking picture of sunrises/sunsets, because too much repeated exposure could cause damage to your cameras sensor.  Personally, I like to use clouds as a barrier for most of the light and still pick up the texture of the surrounding skies.  By the way, there is nothing magical in the camera to prevent your eyes from being damaged while you’re looking at the sun prepping to take the picture, so if there ever was a time to use “Live View” (the back of the camera) to preview the image…

These are also great examples of why you should keep your camera at arms length, you never know what life has in store.  One other quick item that I like to keep in mind is sunsets/sunrises make great batter for “cookie cutter” text.  It can really add drama to lettering on your website, in your emails/blogs or on your letterhead. I’ll get into more on this in just a little bit.

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