Las Vegas Glamour 2015

Early last month I had the pleasure of working with four fantastic models at a Rolando Gomez Workshop in Las Vegas, NV. As usual, I drove all night,worked all day shooting photos, hotel check-in, dinner, sleep, all day behind the camera, drive all night Sunday, then back to work at 10 am Monday morning.
And the trip was definitely worth it.
For the longest time, I’ve heard that the truest test of a photographer is being able to pre visualize an image in your mind as the camera will interpret it.
After all, you’re taking a 3-dimensional , stereo view of the environment and applying it to a 2-dimensional interpretation of the scene before you.
I’ve learned from many unsuccessful attempts that “what you see is what you get” is not the case when it is not paired with training and experience. That is typically more what you see (visualize) is what you hope you get.
You know what I mean, you get the shot set up, the model in place, everything is as it should be, then click. Not that one. Click. Nope. And so it goes. But on that rare occasion early on, and with more frequency through training and experience, You and the camera begin to see as one.
I got some fantastic photos of all four of the amazing models I was working with, but my favorite was the one that I saw clearly in my mind minutes before I set up the shot.

Below is an image I shot of American Idol contestant and glamour model Amy Davis. I am pleased at how precise this image appeared in camera, identical to the image I had envisioned before setting up the shot. And yes, she was a real treat to work with.

Thanks Amy.



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