Digital Photography Gallery: Bikini Barrel Racing in Belen, NM, 2011

A new gallery: Bikini Barrel Racing in Belen 2011


The pictures below were taken as a last-minute schedule change just South of Albuquerque.   As I understand it, a young Hannah Wilkinson came out West with her family in the late 1870s.  One night, after hearing a strange bump in the night, young Hannah overheard another voice, “Colonel, there’s someone else in the house.”  And a young lady wrapped in just her nightgown barely managed to slip out the back window, where she jumped on her faithful pony “Bo”, and headed into town for help, dodging marauders, Indians and outlaws.  So, today, in honor of young Hannah’s bravery, scantily clad female riders mount ponies and dodge barrels…  Alright, you caught me, it’s all hooey.  Bikini Barrel Racing is certainly one way to boost ticket sales.  And, it’s an event you just don’t get to see everyday…  A total of 31 timed trails competing for the 20 best times to run in the evening slot.  Grand prize, the saddle hanging over the chute/arena entrance.  The winner, the audience, of course…


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Starcasm: Is Bikini Barrel Racing A Real Thing?

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  1. Clare Delaney

    Dewayne, you certainly seem to lead a life full of interesting events! Great action pics, thanks!

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  2. Ahhh I’m sure you loved covering this event! That is a pretty cool writeup on the history of the event.


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  3. Kevin Bettencourt

    I knew you were doing something fun. You must have gone all out practicing stop action shots. Yeah, that’s the reason. Looks like one of the young ladies had quite a spill.

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  4. I was just thinking that it is not fun if you fell down the horse with so little clothes on…you really must be carefull…

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  5. Dewayne, I have to admit that I never really thought that there was as much fun as you have posted in the New Mexico area. Thanks for sharing more great pictures.
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  6. I was hoping to come up with a smart remark ………….. got nothin’ ………Damn !!