Digital Photography Tip From Nike: Just Do It

Today’s digital photography tip came from a lecture series I attended two years ago at St. John’s College in Santa Fe.  While work has never allowed me to take time off and attend a week-long seminar on photography.  St. John’s puts on their Monday night lecture series throughout the summer with some incredible tips from world-renowned photographers.

This little nugget of truth will allow you to embrace the finer points of framing and composition, will teach you dedication and persistence and will allow you to becaome intimately familiar with the controls of your camera as though it were an extension of your hands.  Grab a pen and a piece of paper, your going to need to right this one down.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Are you back?  Okay, here it comes…

“Shoot two pictures a week.”

Sounds easy, right?

These days everyone has almost two cameras readily available, one on their cell phone, and another portable.  But when was the last time you actually took the time to burn two simple, free, non-time-consuming basic everyday photographs?

This simple rule will help you with composition, lighting, familiarity with the camera controls, and, more importantly, it’ll help you keep your wits about you when you come across the one thing you really can’t live without a picture of.

“The picture’s too dark, what do I need to change to make it brighter?”

With two pictures a week, next time you’ll know.



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  1. Kevin Bettencourt

    I guess you just have to practice the basics until they are automatic. Some what like golf.

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  2. Hi Dewayne,

    I am just about jumping up and down with agreement and glee! yes, Yes, YES! That which we aspire to do better, practice it in small amount on a habitual regular basis.

    In my field it would, if you want a better relationship, than adjust the feeder variable: your dating! To have a better relationship than date better. And more regularly!

    So, go on 2 dates a week to date better! 🙂

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
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  3. I am terrible at remembering to take my camera with me . I will however start using the camera in my smart phone more often . Thanks for the hint .

  4. Dewayne, I owe this all to you, but I notice that the pictures I post with my ebay items ARE better now and that I also am getting prices for those items!!
    When I get back from Costa Rica, you will have to check out my new blog and “critque ” the photos!
    Sonya Lenzo

  5. Clare Delaney

    Dewayne, what a GREAT tip! Deceptively simple, and just brilliant!

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  6. Such simple advice but it makes perfect sense. All about getting back to the basics and mastering them. Great post!

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  7. Excellent advice, especially when you have a camera on your phone. Techno-phobes like me don’t have that, but sure would be a good way to develop an “eye” for good photograph opportunities.