Digital Photography: That’s Just Cool!

Okay, I’m sick of fire, smoke, news about it, etc.  But, I was on my way home from work the other day when I looked up in the sky.

It wasn’t a bird, it wasn’t  plane, and it wasn’t you know who…

What was it? You ask.  It was a KMAX KAMAN Helicopter.  One of the weirdest, but coolest helicopters I’ve seen in a long time.  My first glimpst of the KMAX was flying low altitude, coming back in for a landing at the local heliport, back from his spot-firefighting mission.  A little further research revealed the name of the helicopter and the company that owns it, HeliQwest.  There website can be found here.
Heliqwest International

Digital Photography KMAX Web

The coolest thing about the helicopter, there’s only room for one.  The pilot’s shoulders were jammed from window to window in the cockpit.  Okay, probably not jammed, but it does look so small it appears too tiny to have a full-grown man/woman on the stick.  I’ll try and grab a picture later this week if I get the chance, but here’s a couple of the KMAX on break.  Fire bucket, hose and cables in the foreground…


Digital Photography KMAX 2 Web


Just to give a little perspective, here’s one of the bigger helicopters they use for dowsing spotfires and so on…  I beleive this one is the Skycrane, a huge piece of machinery…

Digital Photography Skycrane

And the video…


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  1. Clare Delaney

    Oooooh, i really want to pilot a KMAX!
    It looks seriously cool – thanks for the great pix!

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  2. Kevin Bettencourt

    I hope you get a pic of one in action. If not, photoshop one and just tell us it’s real. I’m completely OK with that. Hey, shouldn’t you be studying?

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  3. It is an odd looking bird . Obviously designed for the job . I think we will see more of these machines around the world , as fire’s seem to be on the increase .

  4. Those pictures of the helicopters look awesome! Really nice photos there. Always wanted to get in one, the virtual ones on the PC just aren’t cutting it! 🙂

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  5. Dewayne, that is one strange looking helecopter. Gald to hear that the fires have died down in your part of the world.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
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    Now go implement!

  6. That picture is amazing. The helicopter looks completely suspended in time.