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This weekend I got to go out for a real treat, a treat I’ll be more than happy to share. I’ve been out of the skydiving community for about 5 years now, but a friend from work let it drop that he would be demoing the American flag during a skydive for a local 4th of July Celebration. As he has never jumped a 50 foot dangling piece of cloth from underneath him, it pays to get in a little early practice to learn the dynamics of that much drag flowing underneath and behind you. It makes the parachute flying just a little trickier.

If you don’t believe it, try dragging a twenty-foot boat behind your four-door sedan without a trailer and see if it doesn’t handle just a little different.

I’m always looking for new environments and new subjects to shoot, so it seemed like the perfect getaway.

At any good dropzone (DZ), the staff and clubmembers are more than happy to show you around, and usually more than willing to let you know what the limitations are. So, if you’re up for a little entertainment, want to catch some sun, and want to see smiles that are impossible to knock off, the local DZ is the place for you.

Just a friendly word of caution, dropzones are notoriously busy, there are two speeds usually, 1) wait forever then 2) run like heck to catch a plane. So, if you see someone running to pack a parachute, give them some space. If you see someone walking around with a clipboard telling people what to do, that is the “manifest”, their job is to tell the skydivers when their plane is ready.

If you see family members and significant others hanging out, these are the best people to talk to, so you can generally stay out of the way, but still get the scoop on the dos and don’ts and schedule of events. If you decide to “drop” in, they’ll generally be glad to see you and let you hang out for the day.

Enjoy the pix.


Disclaimer: Please excuse the attempts at humor in the titles of some of the pictures. I certainly mean no disrespect. These people are some of the coolest, friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and great fun to be around. It was a treat to be there and share in their experiences. And yes, I’m giving these pictures to the participants at their request.

The greatest compliment I’ve ever received on any of my pictures is, “I’ve lived here all of my life and never knew this was here.”

While compliments on the pictures, when they are warranted is a lot of fun. The real reason I do what I do is to show people that rather than sitting down in front of the TV and turning on a movie, they can walk out the door and be a star in their own movies, if they choose to do so. You can play the lead role, supportng actor, producer, director, or grip. Whichever role you choose, you might as well aim for an Oscar, you only get one shot.

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  1. Great photos! I love skydiving too. And even though I didnt know you at the time, I did have someone take photos and video of my first time because I wanted proof that I did it.


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