Digital Photography Sharper Picture Tip

If you decide to use a tripod. monopod, beanbag, or other stabilization device, rather than hand-holding the camera, make sure the Image stabilization (steadicam) feature of your camera is turned off.

This feature is generally a mathematical algorithm inside the camera that tells the camera how much the average human being shakes while breathing, heartbeat, etc. and it compensates for that tiny amount of shake.

When the function is turned on, and a human isn’t holding the camera, it applies these same adjustments anyway making your clear pictures slightly blurry.

As there are a ton of camera types, makes and models out there, just to be safe and get the most out of your pictures, turn this function off when not holding the camera.


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  1. Really? So THAT’s what caused the blurry pictures? So which manufacturer do you think will be come out with the ultra-smart camera that will know if it is being held or being stabilized?

    Best, Neil

  2. I’m lucky to know which button to press when I take a photo much less all the settings on the camera! Good to know that blurry pictures aren’t always my human error!

  3. Dewayne, Its good to know that the feature on the camera can be turned on and off and i always thought it was a drunk person who was casuing the bluryness.
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    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Now go implement!

  4. Hi Dewayne,

    What a really helpful digital photography tip. I don’t think I have ever even heard of the stabilization switch. I learn so much about being a better amateur photographer from your excellent photography blog.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
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  5. Clare Delaney

    Thank you Dewayne, I would never have thought of that!

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  6. LOL
    I don’t know that I have done this…oh boy…
    THANK YOU DeWayne!

  7. I did not know about this feature in my camera…
    I will have to look for it…
    Thanks Dewayne!

  8. Kevin Bettencourt

    A great tip that an amateur would never have figured out without this info.

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  9. Something I had never heard of or read about…thanks for the tip…

    Sales Expert

  10. You would think the stabilization feature would only enhance the tripod picture but happy to know it doesn’t and, well, explains a lot!

    Jen B
    Hypnotist in Westchester

  11. Excellent tip I can definitely apply this.

  12. I learn something new every time I read your blog. Today it’s that my camera may have an image stabilization button. Thanks for the helpful tip!