Digital Photography: Ready…, Set…, GO!!!

Ah, April, Springtime, flowers, trees, the chirping of the birds, the soft lull of the crickets and the katydids, the occasional blink, blink of lightning bugs (fireflies) across the fields… and the approaching high school graduation season.  Huh?

That’s right it will be on us in no time.  People are already starting to make travel reservations and vacation plans to make sure they’ve got the time off work.  And the smart ones put the second mortgage on the house so they can afford the fuel to drive to the next county when the end of May finally gets here.  So, what exactly does it mean to be prepared for a graduation or other special event?


_____    Camera  (Can’t forget the obvious, either)

_____    Memory card, (purged from the last 200 shoots/vacations and reformatted ).

_____    Spare memory card, (Memory cards can and will fail.  If you’re willing to gamble on one mechanical item, then, okay…)

_____    Batteries and spares, (You’ve got enough for the ceremony, but what about the after-party, etc.

              ______ Are all rechargeables fully recharged the night before?

______  Spare camera?  (Maybe overkill if you’re not the photographer, but if photography’s a passion, you might want a backup).

______  Small lens cleaning kit with solvent, lint-free cloth, brush, and air blower (recommended)

______  Camera case (to keep all of the accessories organized)

______  If using a D-SLR, did you make the right lens choice for the types of pictures you’ll be taking?

______  Have you cleaned and inspected all of your equipment for dust and made sure it works okay?

_______  Plastic bag for any MacGyver issues that may arise?  (Rain, dust, lens changing outdoors to prevent dust on the sensor, etc.)?

_______  Tripod or monopod

_______  A good night’s sleep?

_______  Your sense of humor?

Of course, the specifics are up to you, but if you’re carrying a camera with the intent of using it on the big day, you might as well be prepared.


13 thoughts on “Digital Photography: Ready…, Set…, GO!!!”

  1. Wish I would have had this checklist a while back. At a rather important event, I did bring my camera, however, did not realize the batteries were low and I should have had replacements – as well as a spare memory card, as the first one was filled up quickly … glad the card didn’t fail, but after reading this article, it makes sense to have at least one more memory card on hand!

    Best, Neil

  2. Dewayne, you’re so…, well,….organized! :-)

    My daughter went on vacation to the east coast last summer and forgot her camera. I FedEx’d it to her and unfortunately I neglected to include the battery charger in the package. Good to keep all supplies together!


  3. I’m a big believer is having a checklist for just about everything. It helps keep us organized and makes sure things get done. Thank you for this photography checklist.

    Steve C

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