Digital Photography: Perspective and panoramas

One of the biggest joys of owning a new digital camera is that the world of digital photography has opened up the ability to “stitch” images together seamlessly and present a two-dimensional representation of the drama and beauty of the environment.

This view is called a panorama.

The ideal setup is to place your camera on a tripod and begin to snap overlapping photos to represent the vertical and horizontal environment and then using the preferred method of software, (Canon has their own, Nikon has their own, Microsoft has brought the Image Composite Editor online for free of charge).

Now, instead of just having one picture of a limited view of the environment, you can rotate for a 360 degree view of the surrounding scenery.

Clare Delaney,, has sent me an amazing link to a huge panorama (111 Gigapixels) assembled depicting the city of Seville.  Feel free to check it out here.

If you need, there’s a link for an English translation to the right of the credits button at the top of the page.

The beauty of the panorama…  Each image is assembled with the focus and clarity of the original image, so, as you zoom into the frame, you can clearly make out the license plates of parked cars, read roadside advertisements, even recognize your neighbor on their way back from the supermarket.

With all of the free software available, this makes panorama photography a great place to jump in and swim for awhile.  You’ll have a blast.

Thanks Clare.



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  1. Hi Dewayne,

    Oh the panoramic photos, I just love those. I always find them so amazing to view. Thank you for covering the topic of panoramas in your digital photography website!

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  2. Dewayne, I have always like the panarama photos or the larger format. Wow 111 gigapixels is huge. Thanks for sharing
    Scott Sylvan Bell
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    Now go implement!

  3. Kevin Bettencourt

    Some photography begs to be taken as a panorama or the scene will be lost. Panorama photography gives the perspective of the photographer. Digital photography with seamless photograph stitching can really offer great cityscape as well as large vistas.

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  4. Do people skite about the size of their panorama ? As in “mine is bigger than yours” , just an observation .

  5. Thanks for the insight on panorama views and how to compile them with just a simple digital camera. This can make for some very outstanding views!


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  6. Clare Delaney

    Thanks Dewayne for explaining how to do panoramic pictures with our own cameras!

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