Digital Photography ND Filter Followup

Just two quick examples and I’ve got to get out the door.

You remember how we’ve been talking about how Graduated ND Filters can darken one part of the image, (usually the top) while basically leaving another part, (the bottom) alone, right?

Well, here’s how that plays out in-camera. Both pictures were taken with the same shutter speed, 1/30th of a second, and with the same aperature value (f16) only seconds apart.


Digital Photography Jemez Mtns.Rain Falling

Digital Photography Jemez Mtns. Rain Falling 2

Just another dramtic change you can make in camera. And if you’re thinking, “Man, I’ve got to buy a lot of filters for my camera.” There are really only two that Photoshop can’t duplicate the effects of very well, the ND filter and the Polarizing filter.

With these two filters in your bag, you should be ready for almost anything that gets thrown at you.

P.S. Kevin brought up a great point on how to secure an ND filter to the front of your lens. So, before anybody breaks out the bottle of superglue, here is how that works.

The ND Grad Filter Adapter is a rectangular piece of plastic that screws on the front of your lens , or other filter just like any other filter. It has slots on the front of the plastic that will allow you to slide the glass/plastic ND grad filter in place and the tension will hold it in place until you remove the filter, and then remove the adapter. The one thing you want to watch is allowing your autofocus to spin the lens after you’ve placed the filter into position, I like to acheive my correct focus first, and then place the ND Grad Filter. Here is what the adapter looks like and how the filter slides into place.

Digital Photography ND Grad Filter Adapter


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    I love those photos and they illustrate your point perfectly!

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