Digital Photography: Maine Media Workshops and Speedliting with Syl Arena

Sorry I’ve been out of touch for the past few days, but I needed a vacation.  I was only recently afforded the opportunity to take any time off of work and I can proudly say that for the first time in ten years, I was able to take some time off for personal and professional benefit.  As a celebration, I was going to treat myself right so I started looking into photography workshops.  I stumbled across a website for a Speedliting Course in Paso Robles, CA, the heart of California wine making country.

A little further research let me know that the same Speedliting class was being offered by the same instructor, in a little Multimedia College (digital video and photography) and all subjects related to…  and this class fit my schedule.

So, a little prior coordination, reservations, travel plans and before long I was off.  Travelling to a state I had never been to before, to join up with a group of fourteen other motivated Canonistas (Canon is one of the primary sponsors of these workshops), for a week full of learning how to craft, bend, color, hide and accentuate the light from those little four-inch flashes you see people putting on top of their cameras.

Nikon’s official name for the devices is Speedlight, Canon’s nomenclature is Speedlite, but the results, to the untrained eye are basically the same.

Now, I’m not a Nikon shooter, I shoot Canon, but the advantages and capabilities of Canon’s flash models and the clearly demonstrated to me that Canon has the superior camera flash system, and this past week I was introduced to many of the hidden capabilities of this system and I was taught how to apply a critical and discerning eye to how the flash used to supplement ambient light should be both flattering to the ambient or existing light and invisible to the untrained eye.

So, I got to spend a week in one of the most beautiful states in the Union, surrounded by 50 other people all looking to expand their expertise in their individual crafts, and looking for other ways to take their photography skills to the next level.  With a supportive staff, incredible instruction and a student pool to both challenge and inspire you, I walked away from Maine Media Workshops with the knowledge I had gained both revolutionary knowledge and skills, and a group of friends who made the week an event of a lifetime.  Thank you Maine Media Workshops and thank you Syl Arena.

If your’re interested, Maine Media Workshops is a joint venture with Maine media College located in the heart of one of the most amazing towns I’ve ever been to, the quaint and charming seaside village of Rockport Maine, immediately adjacent to the tourist mecca on the coast, Camden Maine. For more information on their school and activities, you can find more on the school here,

Maine Media College/Maine Media Workshops

And for more information on the many benefits of shooting with Speedlites or even shooting with Speedlights, you can find Syl’s book here.

Syl’s Book, Speedliter’s Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites

And yes…, the lobster was delicious. Thanks for asking.


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  1. Kevin Bettencourt

    Increasing your education and taking time off sounds awesome. As I taste the similar desert dust Maine sounds like a humid dream come true.

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  2. Dewayne, It looks like more cool photo training for your blog.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    How to sell more by being coachable
    Now go implement!

  3. Clare Delaney

    I like that your time off co-incides with your interests. It makes for a great blog when what you write about, is also your passion.

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  4. and I just bet that we, the readers of your blog, are going to benefit as much as you did, from this vacation!!! (though we did not get to taste the lobster)!
    Sonya Lenzo

  5. Congratulations for the holidays Dewayne!!!
    It is very important to continue learning and also taking some time off for a while…!

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  6. Kevin Bettencourt

    I already commented before but I forgot to say how much I wanted to race down the pavement and dive in that ocean.

  7. The LIGHT is incredible here ….and the air….if you are ever able to get another vacation….. :)…..please come here and take some pictures….you would love it!!!!!
    The mountains, the clouds and fog moving around on the mountains, the flora and fauna, the birds, the butterflies….it makes me wish I was a BETTER photographer!
    Sonya Lenzo

  8. Good on yer Dewayne . Holidays are great fun . Glad you had a super time .