Digital Photography: Evacuation Follow-up

Hello everybody!!! Sorry for shouting, it’s just really good to be back home. Of course, now the smoke isn’t so bothersome from the Arizona fire, we’ve got our own to worry about. Even though the town has ben opened back up it still makes for some dramatic scenery in the hills. For example…

Digital Photography July 5th 2011 web

Well, July 4th is a time to celebrate independance, relax and enjoy good barbeque with the family and friends and kick back and relax with a few good friends. But on this of all days, it’s about the fireworks. of course, weather condiipns being what they were, here in the Land of Enchantment, we had to rely on what nature gave us. So, my favorite panorama of the entire fire season, on the 235th Birthday of our Independance.

Digital Photography Ashley Pond Pano T2i

Pretty amazing, huh? Only cost about 165 miles of real estate. Thankfully, there wasn’t much structural damage or lives lost. Once again, a million thanks to all of the folks who helped out in any way. Enjoy the rest of your week.


P.S. Somebody told me they were still confused by the term megapixels recently. To break it down quickly, “Mega” = million, “pixels” = tiny dots. So, instead of “How many megapixels does the camera have?” You think, “How many million tiny dots does that camera have?” “But you say, “How many megapixels does that camera have?”

Too easy, right?

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  1. Kevin Bettencourt

    Great to see you have returned home and that Las Alamos panoramic Ashley Lake photo at night is pretty dramatic. I’m sure you’ll get a few shots of the devastation when the smoke clears (literally) and although I look forward to the interpretation through your eye I will have mixed emotions. Glad you got to go home though.

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  2. Dewayne, thanks for sharing that you are ok, Those fires can be dangerous
    Scott Sylvan Bell
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    Now go implement!

  3. Hi Dewayne,

    The most important thing to celebrate certainly is the news of all the lives that were protected and saved, and to honor those whose lives who were lost. I always enjoy a 4th of July Fireworks celebration. It is fun time to celebrate with friends and family, and to stretch ourselves socially to meet new people and expand our social circle!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
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  4. How is mega pixels short for million dots? It seems to be one syllable LOOOOOONGER!
    Sonya Lenzo

  5. Its really great to see your community is getting back to some sort of normal life. Good to hear there wasn’t too much property damage and no serious injuries.

    Thanks for the update and Welcome back home!

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  6. from now on I will always ask for how many million dots does the camera have please???

  7. Clare Delaney

    Glad you are back home safe and sound Dewayne.

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