Digital Photography: Back In the Saddle

Hey Everybody,

For those of you checking in, welcome back. The fires and the smoke have subsided. July 4th celebrations were postponed until Labor Day, and the town of Los Alamos is getting back into the swing of normal day-to-day small-town life.

There’s a new feeling in the air, it’s kind of hard to describe, it’s not ennui or malaise, it’s not anticipation. It’s, well, it’s something new. I believe they call it HUMIDITY!

That’s right. after a long and very dry waiting period, there is actually moisture in the air and it feels great. On a very good day, this moisture will actually collect and do something extremely uncommon, it will fall from the sky.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks jamming for an upcoming test on every photographer’s most critical piece of computer software, Photoshop. If all goes well, in about three weeks I’ll have my Adobe Certified Expert Certification.

For most people, this mammoth piece of computer software (CS 5) has been out of reach due to its approximately $700 price tag. But, the good folks at Adobe have finally seen the light. Now, amateur photographers around the world can purchase the program in monthly installments of around $39 a month. They’ve incorporated a new subscription package where you can subscribe to the company and receive the latest and greatest version of all of their products for $49 a month, as long as you’re a subscriber.

If you want to take a peek, the details can be found here.

Adobe Creative Suite Subscription Page

And if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to brush up on your burgeoning Photoshop skills, check out Donny Hoyle’s Award-Winning Instructional Series, here’s the link to the first one:
(Warning: Mature Themes and some language in the videos).

Donnie Hoyle’s “You Suck At Photoshop #1

In the meantime, I’ve satisfied my inner geek, it’s time to get back to the really important things in life, like the most recent two episodes of the final season of Sea Patrol, and trying to find my danged point-and-shoot camera.

Why do they make those things so small?


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  1. Its good to see you back! I agree and its really good to see Adobe created a package available for the little guys!

    Thanks for the info!

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  2. Welcome back home Dewayne . That video was surreal , good though . At night locally you can smell smoke , and see a faint haze over town as wood heaters are still used by a large number of locals . We are in the middle of winter and have had a few good frosts . I take it you don’t wish to smell smoke for a while .

  3. Kevin Bettencourt

    Great to have you back and with comedy to boot!!! Hope it doesn’t rain too much and good luck on the test.

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  4. Dewayne, congratulations on your certification. Adobe does have a great platform for photography.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
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    Now go implement!

  5. Clare Delaney

    So happy to see you back and blogging with humour intact!
    We’re in winter here too (like John) and the cane burning season has started – they burn off the upper leaves which are trashed anyway, all the sugar is located in the base of the main stem, and it’s easier to harvest, but it’s horible, smoke billowing all over the place and filthy ash and burnt shreds of cane plants floating everywhere.. Mostly though the fires are controlled, the (one) local fire brigade lorry stands guard over each fire – the joys of a small island I suppose!
    Best of luck with the exam! Let us know how it went – this is called accountability – you’ll HAVE to do well now that you’ve told us all about it!

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