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Ruger the Rock Star


Digital Photography: Just a Thought

Funny thing about the Colorado River… It didn’t have to do a thing other than be itself to have a dramatic and profound effect on its environment.   Happy Father’s Day!

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Gentlemen, and ladies… Start your engines!

No this isn’t a post about the Indy 500.  Well, not really.  Although, just for gee-whiz, the Indy 500 is turning 100 this weekend.  Even though I grew up 30 miles South of Indianapolis, I’ve never been to a 500 in … Continue reading

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What is Digital Photography?

Okay, so everyone knows what photography is, what is digital photography? For those who are old enough to remember vinyl records, 8-tracks, and parachute pants, taking pictures always meant going down to the store, buying a camera or just the … Continue reading

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Photography and Your Personal Safety..

Be aware of your surroundings!. It seems like something you shouldn’t have to tell someone looking at their environment for some really good pictures, right? Every now and then you come across a topic or a bit of information too … Continue reading

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